Here's The 3-Step Career Counseling Process that Will Help You Discover Alternate Job & Career Options that Fit You in as Fast as 2 Weeks 

How It Works

What career counseling services do you need?

Career Counseling Assessment

To make sure your first career counseling session is effective and productive, you'll complete our proprietary online assessment that has been developed based on our work with more than 7,000 college-educated professionals.

To help me be best prepared for our work together, I'll read your career counseling assessment cover to cover before we meet.

1st Career Counseling Session

In our first career counseling session, we'll discuss the key elements of the right job & career for you, including your best skills & traits, what motivates you, your interests and goals, your personality and more.

Pinpoint Job & Career Options

After your first career counseling session, I get the big assignment. 

I'll take all of the information I learned about you (from your online assessment and first counseling session) and do my research to identify specific job & career ideas for you. 

2nd Career Counseling Session

In this career counseling session, we'll discuss the alternate job & career options that I believe could be a potential match for you. 

I'll explain each of them and tell you why I think they could be a match for you. I'll answer your questions about them, and we'll discuss the best strategies you can use to learn more about the ones that appeal to you.

NYC Career Counselor says Congrats

Research your job & career options

Job & Career Research

After your 2nd career counseling session, it's time for you to investigate the appealing job and career options ... so you can be sure that you choose the right new job & career direction for you. 

Make Your Career Transition

For clients who want additional support, I provide resume, cover letter and LinkedIn coaching; job search strategy coaching, and interview coaching.

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Free Consultation Offer...  

Please Give Yourself This Opportunity To See If My Career Counseling Can Help You Discover The Right New Job & Career For You

I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute career coaching consultation with me. 

The consultations are an important way for you to get your questions answered and to see if my services feel right or not for you.

And they also help me to understand if I have the specific knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. If I don't have the background to help, I will honestly tell you that.

The consultations are by phone, so they are easy and convenient.

Simply use my consultation calendar below to schedule a good day and time that work for you...