Here's What's Special About My Career Clarity Coaching Assessment

My proprietary Career Clarity Assessment is a comprehensive, free, online assessment that ensures your first clarity coaching session is focused, effective and productive.

Without completing this assessment in advance of our session, I would be asking random questions and not using your time (and money) effectively.  Truthfully, I don’t know of any other career coach who requires clients to complete such a comprehensive assessment prior to the first coaching session. 

Based on my work with more than 7,000 people, I personally developed this assessment because the vast majority of existing assessments (like Myers Briggs and Strengths Finder) are great at helping people understand their natural strengths and how they relate to people, but they’re terrible at identifying high-quality, relevant and appropriate job and career ideas.

You are a unique combination of interests, skills, motivators, knowledge, experience and personality. How these come together distinctly for you impacts and determines the best job and career options for you.

My proprietary assessment explores all of these factors.  Here’s some of what you’ll find on my assessment:

  • Questions that give me a quick overview of you and your work / career situation
  • A series of questions that will me to understand your best and favorite skills and abilities (the ones that could be part of the right work for you), your weaknesses (the skills and abilities you want to avoid using as much as possible in your work), and the skills and abilities you might want to develop
  • Identification of what motivates and inspires you
  • Identification of your natural style / personality
  • An overview of your personal interests and hobbies

What Happens After Completing The Assessment?

In our first career coaching session, I’ll use your assessment responses to efficiently and effectively learn about you and to accurately gather the most important... so I can identify and personally curate the best job and career options for you (which is the focus of our second caching session).

Many coaches (and some clients) are surprised at how quickly I can identify appealing job and career options for my clients (I’ve actually received phone calls from other career coaches asking how I can complete the career clarity coaching process in so few sessions). 

There’s no secret here – the answer is I have developed a structured process that lets clients and I come to our sessions completely prepared so our work together is efficient and effective.

Have Questions About My Proprietary Assessment (Or My Career Coaching)?

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Career clarity coaching is an investment in yourself. You don’t take that lightly and neither do I.

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The consultations are an important way for you to get your questions answered and to see if my services feel right or not for you.

The consultations are by telephone, so they are easy and convenient.

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